Konfident Kanines eNewsletter - July/August 2008
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Stop & Paws!
One more of the Five Senses
Did You Know?

Issue #0010 - Published by L. Neilson

I will dedicate the majority of this newsletter to introducing my dear friend and entrepreneur to all of you who don't already know her.

A Home Run 4 High River
A new Pet Supply store is coming to town!!

Susan has extensive experience in the pet care and supply industry having worked at the Animal House when it was in Calgary, and then for the last 3 years she worked at The Pet Stop with the founders of the store until it was sold in late 2007. Susan is a pet lover who has had pets of her own since she was just a child. One of her current companions is a Great Pyrenees, Morris (inset) who I am sure you will see around Stop and Paws once it opens. Morris is a gentle giant of a dog, who, like Susan, genuinely loves people.

The deciding factors for Susan in opening her own store were the change of ownership of The Pet Stop and the realization that her opportunity for further growth in that locale was limited. Knowing that the original owners of TPS had done some research into opening a similar store in High River, she followed that lead and pursued her dreams. She immediately fell in love with High River and all it had to offer, friendly people, attractive rents, managed population growth and much more. In the end it was her genuine love of people and a desire to offer a service committed to holistic and healthy pet care combined with her love of the pet business and the customers it attracts, that cinched her decision to open a community oriented store in High River.

Just a few of Susan's plans in working with the people within High River and surrounding communities is to get involved with, and participate in, creating a larger "Off Leash" area, assisting in responsible pet ownership education (spay/neutering), supporting local groups and businesses, as well as working to support Heaven Can Wait and the adoption program provided by Kim out at Heaven Can Wait & Room To Run Kennels.

Additionally, Stop & Paws plans to offer obedience training, canine behavior problem solving, and children's "Bite Free" education as well as much more via Konfident Kanines, another business located in High River. Stop & Paws also plans to get to know and work together with local veterinarians and groomers as much as possible.

Products & Supplies

Stop & Paws believes strongly in natural pet foods and supplies and will stock and recommend such pet food products as O&M, Wellness, Natural Planet, Royal Canine, Evo (Grain Free) and several other well known and proven pet foods. Additionally Susan will offer similar small animal and cat foods as well as a varied assortment of quality toys, treats, kennels and special order items. Most importantly, Stop & Paws wants "YOU" to participate in building the stock around what you, the customer wants to see available in High River. Stop & Paws is committed to listening to what you have to say, and get to know you. Stop & Paws intends to earn the right to become the Pet Supply store of your choice.

What Should You Expect from Stop & Paws?
  • A bright, open and clean environment
  • A high standard of customer service
  • Special order services at fair prices
  • Advice and education - if I can't answer your question, I will find someone who can.
  • Pet friendly store- welcoming all leashed pets
  • Konfident Kanine Seminars

Opening August 18th!
#126 4th Ave. SW
High River, Alberta

In my June Newsletter I had discussed two of the five senses in the order of importance to the dog, at least as far as us mere humans can determine. In this Newsletter I will discuss one more of these primary senses

It is accepted that dogs hear at least twice as well as humans. Dogs are able to perceive frequencies up to two and a half times higher than those heard by humans. Dogs can even hear ultrasound, which is why dog whistles can be so effective. Dogs are also very good at distinguishing between sounds and can easily distinguish words spoken by their handlers, although tone of voice and gestures are also very important.

Did You Know?

Man is the only animal that blushes - or has to.

Obesity in dogs causes or aggravates diabetes, cardio respiratory deficiencies etc.

- Increases the risks involved in surgery
- Leads to nutritional deficiencies
- Decreases reproductive capacity
- Creates serious skin problems.

Words of Wisdom

A child's life is like a piece of paper on which every person leaves a mark.