Welcome to Konfident Kanines!

Welcome to Konfident Kanines

Konfident Kanines does not dominate – We educate

Konfident Kanines adheres to a balanced training approach focused on establishing a reliable partnership between you and your dog that is founded on the building blocks of trust, respect confidence and loyalty.

KKI will guide you skillfully along a path that will lead to a lifelong partnership between you and your dog.

In order to coach you effectively we recognize that a large part of our responsibility is to direct you towards a better understanding of how dogs think and learn. At KKI we pride ourselves in our ability to teach others to communicate with their dog in a manner that makes sense not only to you, but to your dog as well.

KKI’s proven methodology will open the doorway to a whole new learning experience while you gain a new appreciation of why dogs behave in certain ways and more importantly, what role you may be playing in contributing to your dogs behaviour.

Our philosophy is deeply rooted in the belief that kindness is powerful and never weak. An effective balance of kindness, skill, and years of experience equates to a balanced and structured training philosophy geared towards uniting a dog and his handler.
July 11, 2014 |

NEW Product – We now carry Leather Braided Leashes

Konfident Kanines leashes are made of the finest Argentinean quality leather and are braided with both beauty and strength for a long lasting product.

These leather leashes provide a soft grip that is gentle on your hands compared to the traditional nylon leash. Our leashes are 72″ which is the perfect length for training.

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February 24, 2013 |

Understanding Operant Conditioning!

Many of you who have a dog (or not) may have heard the popular buzz phrase “positive reinforcement” or have even contacted a training facility or trainer who markets their services as “positive reinforcement” training methods only. Let’s examine that for a moment. Do you believe that it is possible to reshape or improve all behaviors by way of “positive reinforcement only? I wish that was true in life, however life doesn`t seem to work quite like that. I would like to expose you to what I refer to as balanced training or in other words “”operant conditioning””.

Operant conditioning is a type of learning in which a behavior is modified by it`s consequences. A behavior may change in appearance, frequency or intensity. You may not often hear the phrase “operant conditioning” however those of you who I have had the pleasure to have worked with will be familiar with “balanced training”. For the purpose of this article I will say that operant conditioning plays a significant role …

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