Aggressive Behaviour Assessment

Although Konfident Kanines will rarely decline requests to work with dogs that display aggressive tendencies, it must be understood that working with such dogs dictates that only those with specialized skills and advanced experience attempt to do so. Dogs that exhibit undesirable and often dangerous aggressive behavior must be dealt with by a professional with experience in dealing with these behavior traits.

Dogs that exhibit aggressive behaviors towards other dogs or even humans are undoubtedly destined for trouble. Under the law it is our responsibility as dog owners to ensure that our dogs do not harass, become a nuisance or harm in any way, other dogs or members of the general public, or property.

At Konfident Kanines we come to you with over thirty years of hands on experience in dealing with behavioral issues of all kinds, including aggressive tendencies. Aggressive behaviors are a very serious matter never to be taken lightly and must be dealt with in a fair, firm, decisive and effective manner.

Due to the inherent and increased risk of personal injury associated with working with aggressive dogs, Konfident Kanines requires that all aggressive dogs be subjected to our “Aggressive Dog Assessment”.

This assessment includes but is not limited to;

  • How dogs learn (explained)
  • The fundamentals of teaching and behavior modification
  • The phases of a dogs education
  • Client input and observations
  • Observe and analyze owner handling dog
  • KKI hands on work with dog
  • Explanation of technique and dogs reaction to same
  • Exposure to distractions and/or triggers
  • Recommended next step

Following any aggressive behavior assessment Konfident Kanines will provide expert advice based on their years of experience on what additional corrective actions or training they would recommend. The dog owner can then take the time they require to make a decision on how they would like to proceed.

Please contact Konfident Kanines for session pricing.