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Are you more expensive than some other private trainers?
It is possible that I am in some cases yes, but you get what you pay for. I have over thirty years of hands on experience studying and working with dogs and people. My achievement record speaks for itself. My success rate of rehabilitating dogs that others simply could not or would not is unparalleled

Can more than one person participate in the training sessions?
Definitely! Training should be a learning experience for the whole family. That helps the family as a whole to learn much faster, and it helps the dog build a strong relationship with everyone. For a given exercise, the ideal situation would be to have one person work with the dog for that session. This however is not realistic so I encourage all members of the family to participate. If you have small children that will distract YOU from learning, you should try to arrange your sessions with the trainer when they are not around (napping or have a sitter)

Do you offer pre-training consultations?
Yes, KKI offers clients an in-home consultation. Private Consultations are an opportunity for Larry (the trainer) to evaluate by seeing and experiencing the situation first hand. This can be especially useful in aggression cases. Consultations also allow the client to meet with the trainer and ask as many questions as they like BEFORE they decide to work with the trainer. KKI believes that every client should understand what is involved in successfully training a dog, the methods, and techniques used, and what the expected results should be. Almost always KKI will provide a short demonstration of their ability to work with the clients' dog during this consultation.

I have more questions. What is the best way to contact you?
Please feel free to call me at 403-651-7987 and if I do not answer please leave a call back number where I can reach you.

You can also contact me anytime at larry@konfidentkanines.com

I have two dogs. Do I get a discount for the 2 nd or 3 rd dog from the same family?
Yes, for families or individuals with one or more dog, the cost for each additional dog is 50% of the cost for the first dog.

My dog is aggressive toward other dogs when on his/her leash. What causes leash aggression? What can I do?
Contact me for help. I deal with this problem on a regular basis.
Listed below are the seven (7) most common causes of leash aggression
Fear/Nervous Aggression Dominance Aggression Territorial Aggression Learned Aggression Predatory Aggression Protective Aggression Sexual Aggression

Always be mindful that your dog is very sensitive to your energy, emotions, breathing and feelings. Therefore if you tense up and grab hold of the leash tightly at the first sign of an approaching dog, your dog will pick up on this and become anxious and stressed. This is a huge factor in most cases of on leash aggression.

You want your dog to believe that other dogs are no big deal rather than something to get worked up about. Another reason to not tighten up the leash is because this changes your dogs body language (makes your dog stand upright and tall). This can be seen by the other dogs as a show of dominance or at the very least threatening.

Watch for my upcoming blog on a detailed discussion on leash aggression.

My dog is twelve. Is she too set in her ways?
NO! While older dogs may have some deeply engrained and undesirable behaviors, the benefit of training an older dog is that they learn much quicker and are developmentally stable enough to learn a lot! Most mature dogs have an uncanny ability to focus and absorb new exercises. They are often so connected with their owners they have an unsurpassed ability to seemingly learn through osmosis!

What advantage is there to private training over group classes?
Private training allows the client to relax and learn at their own pace, Training a dog is as much or more about teaching the client as it is the dog. Private training allows the client and their dog to learn in areas where they have experienced difficulties before. Private training provides the added advantage of more flexible training times and dates. Private training sessions allow me to work with dogs with disruptive behaviors that are difficult for the owner/handler to effectively address within a group setting.

What geographic areas do you offer your training services?
All of Calgary and surrounding area within a 30 mile radius - additional charges may apply. Special arrangements may be made for locations outside of this area.

What is the best leash for training a dog and why?
In my opinion there is no substitute for a quality 72" leather training leash. The reason that I always recommend leather training leashes is that leather is strong, flexible and most importantly will not burn or cut into your hands. Nylon leashes, although very strong, often have sharp edges that cut into your hand and will always burn the hand if it slips even slightly through your hand.

Where do you conduct your training sessions?
Being a private trainer I meet clients at their homes or other prearranged meeting places. Most all sessions are taught out in the public where the dog has to learn to be a good canine citizen and behave appropriately. If the client is experiencing behavioral problems within their homes we will address them as well. The advantage of working in the public and within walking distance of the client's home is that we get to work and learn within the ever varied environment the client and dog live and walk in on a daily basis. In the event of a behavioral problem that occurs in a particular location (for example: if the dog is fearful at the park, the session can be held at the park) at an away location.