Scent Training (Nose Work)


Prerequisite: Non-aggressive and manageable on leash. Any dog 6 months of age or older with a nose and an enthusiastic handler is welcome.

Length: 6 weeks

This course was deliberately designed with fun in mind. This is a class where dogs get to do what dogs do best “sniff”. It is one of the greatest ways to enjoy your dog and watch them burn off excessive mental and physical energy. This class will develop confidence in both you and your dog while you learn to respect and trust the amazing ability of your dog’s nose.

We all know that dogs have an amazing sense of smell and a natural desire to hunt so what better way to stimulate and expand your dog’s natural scenting abilities while both of you have fun and get an abundance of exercise at the same time.

Our Scent Work classes run for one hour each lesson one day a week for 6 consecutive weeks. These are private classes so that you and your dog receive individual attention. Being that these courses are private (one on one) you can select from any number of items that you may wish to teach your dog to locate and alert to.

Week 1 Introduction to scent box and target item

Week 2 Review week 1 and add additional scent box

Week 3 Review previous lessons add third scent box with increased spacing – introduce passive indicators

Week 4 Review previous lessons, add 4th scent box and vary target object levels, passive indicator training

Week 5 Review previous lessons, remove two scent boxes add remote hide locations with passive indicators

Week 6 Review all previous lessons, remove remaining scent boxes and add remote hide locations. Dog will now be introduced to working without the aid of scent boxes (blind search) but with passive indicators.


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