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Larry Neilson

Larry Neilson, founder, head-trainer, and behavior specialist for KKI has compiled in excess of thirty four years of experience working with and studying canine behavior. Larry is a Certified Dog Trainer with extensive experience working with canines of all breeds and behavioral issues. He has developed an intriguing connection with the canine species that few others anywhere have been able to accomplish.

His wide-ranging and meticulous study of canine behavior and their methods of communication have allowed Larry to develop a unique and philosophical approach to canine training and behavior modification. His assertive yet non-adversarial, effective and humane teaching and rehabilitation methods have withstood the test of time while proving to be effective for all breeds and all behavior issues.

Larry’s goal is always to provide proven, and reputable training processes designed to help owners rehabilitate dogs and educate them on effective methods to establish and maintain good canine behavior.

Larry’s experience and credentials include but are not limited to;

  • Certified Dog Trainer
  • Dog Trainer Evaluator
  • Canadian Canine Good Citizen Evaluator (RDOC-CCGC)
  • (DAD) Diabetes Alert Dog training Experience
  • Nose work trainer
  • CAPPDT Member
  • Responsible Dog Owners of Canada Member
  • Expert Court witness
  • Thirty four years practical dog training and behavior modification experience
  • Bite Free presenter
  • PIA (Post Incident Analysis) assessor
  • Temperament testing experience