Pre-training Consultation

Konfident Kanines requires a pre-training consultation for all those seeking help with the training of their dog, be it obedience training, scent work, behavioral issues (does not include aggressive behaviors towards humans) or any of a long list of dog related issues.

Our pre-training consultations are designed to assist both parties choose the most appropriate course of action in order to achieve optimal results. Our consultations are as much or more for the people as they are for the dog. We will thoroughly explain the four essential fundamentals of teaching a dog, the three phases of a dogs’ education, and of course how dogs think and learn.

We accept that in order for any trainer/client relationship to reap optimum benefits then it is paramount that the client is provided with a comprehensive appreciation of how the training is designed to work and that they be comfortable with the trainer they choose. Seeing is believing! We believe it is imperative our clients have an opportunity to observe us work with their dog and witness how their dog responds to us BEFORE they make their decision. We respectfully give our clients the time they require to make their decision in the privacy of their own home after we have left the premises. We are convinced that once clients see us handle their your dog, if only for a brief period, that there will be no doubt in their mind that we not only love and understand dogs, but that we conduct ourselves in a way that exhibits respect deserving of the client and their dog.

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Pre-Training Consultation