Our experience with Konfident Kanines has been outstanding. The understanding, patience and respect that Larry and the team have for dogs made our experience very successful and very enjoyable for all involved.

We first came across Konfident Kanines when we realized our newly adopted dog (Jack Russell/Pug) would bark his head off when he was left alone. We didn’t want to drive our neighbours crazy, but we also didn’t have the knowledge to get him to quiet down on our own. Larry was so kind to come and help us within a couple days of our call to him, and within less than an hour of Larry’s arrival our little Maverick learned that we didn’t want him to bark when we left him alone. From then on Maverick has co-operated fully with that lesson and we haven’t had to worry about him making noise and bothering the neighbours since.

From there, we signed up for the private foundations training course and have been very happy with the results. Our main goal was to keep Maverick safe, and Konfident Kanines taught us the tools to do so. Our little guy loves to swim so much that we once had to take the motor boat out to the middle of the lake to get him before he were to get tired and perhaps sink. We don’t have to worry about Maverick swimming off to the middle of the lake anymore, because he now waits for instructions to get into the water and he doesn’t go very far before looking back to see where we are. The best part is that he now comes back as soon as we call him, each and every time!

These are just a few examples of how Konfident Kanines has helped us with our dog, but they have done so much more. We would like to extend a great big thank you to Larry and his team for everything that they have helped us with. One of the most important things that we have learned through this course is that people need to be trained properly in order to help their pets succeed. We also learned that it takes a lot of hard work and patience, but that our little Maverick is more than happy to learn what we have to teach him. There is no doubt in my mind that Konfident Kanines will be the first place that we call if any other issues were to arise with our dogs in the future.

Stacey & Josh
October 2013

Stacey & Josh

We contacted Larry when we realized we were struggling in some aspects with our dog (Border collie Pyrenees Reserve mutt). While she was very affectionate, entertaining and smart, she also was struggling with a lot of insecurities that would come out as reactive or sometimes aggressive behaviour to other dogs and some people. We had completed two separate generic dog training classes in the past, and they never fully addressed our struggles or focused on our dog’s unique personality and needs. We knew we needed one-on-one training, and it was the best decision we made since bringing Athena in our family!

Larry took us through the basics initially, such as loose leash walking, sit and stay, lay down, etc. He taught us the importance of understanding how a dog interprets relationships, what their needs are in relationships, and stressed the importance of having a relationship of mutual respect between humans and dog. When it came to addressing and correcting the bad behaviour our dog was demonstrating at times, Larry took it week by week so he could customize the training. Larry does not take a "one size fits all approach" with dogs, but rather assesses every dog and their needs.

Larry worked as much on us as he did our dog. He never made us feel guilty or that we were doing something wrong, but rather increased our self-awareness and taught us about our dog, so we could be better leaders.

To be honest, at times we struggled to remain optimistic when we felt we had plateaued. Larry's faith, however, never waivered and he believed we'd be successful. He was right. The plateau was soon followed by a "breakthrough" week with her. We immediately saw a huge change in her overall confidence, her behaviour in stressful situations was dramatically improved, and as a result we felt our stress and fears disappear. We are still very aware that we need to always be on the top of our game, as humans, so we always provide her with what she needs. However, this doesn't seem as daunting knowing we have been equipped with the right tools and skills to maintain what we worked so hard for.

Larry deserves all the credit. While he will counter that we also deserve credit for being diligent and not giving up, we would have never been successful without his guidance and support.

Tim & Amanda Pruden
April, 2013


Larry House Trained My Dog – OVER THE PHONE!!!
To say that Larry Neilson changed our lives would be perfect statement. I have been a “loving dog owner” my whole life, and until I met Larry that is all I was. I look back now at the way we lived with our pets and think of how, every day my actions and those of my family were controlled by unruly animals. In retrospect I call it the slow decent into madness, this madness didn’t just happen over night, as the years went on we had to resort to new solutions to combat the growing list of problems. I had gates everywhere through out my house, walking the dogs meant being dragged through the neighborhood, praying that you wouldn’t meet another dog on the sidewalk because you knew it would lead to a dog fight, muzzling them for grooming and any family events or just deciding not to attend at all because they had bit me and other people, including my children. We were unable to leave them alone even for a short time, because of the destruction and lack of house training. Early efforts to train them failed miserably and this madness and feeling of powerlessness became the norm in our home. We lived this way until sadly one was euthanized due to aggression, and one died of old age after fourteen long years.

It was only after they were gone a year or so that I considered getting another dog, my husband was radically opposed to the idea, He knew we just didn’t have the tools but I persisted knowing that there were animals out there that needed a loving home and I felt that deep down we were dog people. He had heard great things about Larry & Konfident Kanines from a friend at work and made me promise to be a dog leader and not a “dog mom” and to commit to training any future pets before he would even consider bringing another animal into our lives.

We got Shadow from a local rescue. I was desperate to avoid past mistakes, and doubted my ability to train a dog given my history, so I really took the time to find a dog that was a good fit for us. A dog that was house and kennel trained and friendly to other animals and children, and the description said just that. We picked up our 100 pound bundle of joy and by the next morning I was in a blind panic, in one short day I realized that this dog had the potential to put us in a situation far worse than any we had experienced before. Her size was intimidating, and her nature was not denoting any of the promised “gentleness”, she had major trust issues, messed in the house, chewed, and would run from me for hours when I tried to get her back in the house from our yard. She screamed like I was killing her when I tried to touch or hold her collar, she was scared of everything! By the end of the second week I was a crying mess, I feared letting my family down once again, or worse putting them in real danger.

We called Larry to meet with us after having Shadow for two chaotic weeks, He gave us his card and let us know that we could call him for help anytime before our “official training began” in a months time. Shadow was totally un-house trained at that point, despite our extensive efforts. Out of desperation we called Larry for help one night and following the simple advice he gave over the phone she was totally house trained within two days! She has never messed in the house again. I tried for 14 years to house train my last two dogs using “traditional methods” , and this guy through, very simple and articulate instructions over the phone, gave me the tools to not only house train my dog, but to combat every other unwanted behavior as well.

I had the tool and by using it and accomplishing my immediate goals for Shadow I started to notice a shift in my confidence and in hers, I was no longer as fearful of letting everyone down and Shadow was no longer living under a dark cloud of disapproval, The relationship between Shadow and our family was improved greatly after that first phone call.

After having Shadow for 2 months, Larry came to our home for our training, on a day that worked for us each week. She had already made great improvements in behavior but had a lot of work ahead as she still would not trust us, come when called; walk with out dragging us etc. I was apprehensive that we would be “judged” as bad pet owners, because I knew now that my animals’ failures were really my failures. The guilt that comes with that is pretty painful at times, but Larry has such a quiet and un-assuming energy. “Teach not preach” was his practice and in that atmosphere a person is able to relax and really observe his exact training methods and to simply follow them in practice each week. Shadow was easily learning a new command each week from the very first session.

As the weeks went on and we were able to work with Shadow we saw a huge and steady improvement in her. I became more curious about Larry, he’s a pretty quiet guy and his methods were amazing, how did he have this great insight into my dog and what would work. I also suspected that he had a secret and was patiently waiting for us to figure it out, like someone who has brought you a really great gift and is waiting for you to un-wrap it.

Our respect for him was growing each week; Shadow’s respect for us was growing each week as well. As we began to trust Larry, Shadow began to trust in us. As we learned Larry’s techniques, Shadow learned more and more. We believed everything he said and Shadow believed in us, that this would be a fun a rewarding process for her every time we trained and it was. We began to focus more on practice each week; we really wanted to impress Larry with Shadow’s new skills and we loved the praise that he heaped on her when he saw that we had all done the homework that week. It made us feel terrific.

As we were training Shadow to be a Konfident Kanine, he was training us to be Konfident Kanine owners, and we are now. I am no longer filled with fear or dread; I can walk my dog into any situation and know that it’s going to be OK, not just OK- but great! Larry Neilson has given that gift to my whole family, knowing that we can expect great things from our pets and we have the tools to achieve them. My 8 year old daughter walks the 100 lb dog and I have absolutely no reservations when I see them going about the neighborhood. Shadow respects her just as she does the grown-ups and my little girl can command her with Konfidence. We love Shadow more everyday and are so proud of her. The tools & training techniques that Larry taught us are used everyday and the Konfident attitude he inspires will be with us forever.

A dog cannot be told what to do- it must be taught; the same is true for us humans and that is Larry Neilson’s Secret!

Lori Mandrusiak
November 2012

Lori Mandrusiak

The Real Deal

I had just brought home our newest edition to the family, Molson a 2 month old Harlequin St.Bernard. I had also made up my mind that this time I was going to do it right. I wanted to do some real obedience training and I wanted to learn it from someone who had tones of experience. I saw the Konfident Kanines website amongst many, but it was his that drew me in. Konfident Kanines had everything I wanted, tones of experience, a very clear defined approach to training, and excellent testimonials. So I emailed Larry expressing my desire to hire him to train my dog. That’s when I met Larry Neilson, at the end of November in 2010. It was cold and there was snow everywhere and Larry came to my house, he didn’t ask us to meet him somewhere convenient for him or somewhere in the middle, nope he came to my house. As soon as I shook his hand I new I had met someone special, Larry is a very genuine, calm yet happy person and he radiates positive energy. So Larry sat down and over the course of about an hour and a half to two hours explained his approach to training dogs. He answered every question we asked and even did a few demonstrations with Molson on how to handle certain situations. But he also made it VERY clear that even after 30 plus years of experience with dogs that he is still learning. That was a defined moment for me, I knew I had found the guy, the one I would put all my faith in and the only person I would trust in helping me with my dogs. I started Molson’s education with Larry when he was 8 months of age, up until this point I think we did pretty good, we took him to puppy classes, gave him lots of treats, crate trained him, it was great. Once Molson hit that 7-8 month range that’s when things started to fall apart. By this point he was about 130-140lbs, his hormones are kickin in and he now all of a sudden wants to do things his way, like chase cats and rabbits and go after other male dogs when they barked at him. So Larry came over and we started training. That’s the other thing with Larry, he comes to you. He trains you and your dog where you live, with real distractions and real life situations. After the first week I realized that this wasn’t dog training as much as people training and by the third or fourth lesson I was already talking to Larry about apprenticing to be a Konfident Kanines trainer and I was referring him to anyone I talked to that had a dog. I was hooked, I was absolutely amazed. I have had dogs for most of my life only to discover that I had been doing almost everything wrong or backwards. I love dogs, always have, but I have to admit I didn’t have a lot of success with training them or understanding them until I met Larry. Larry has opened a door for me, I have seen first hand the amazing things he can do with a dog in a matter of minutes and he has shown me what I believe is the true path to real communication between people and dogs. Larry teaches you how to respect the dog and at the same time how to teach the dog in a calm, assertive and fun way. Larry has taught me that ENERGY is the key to the success in interacting with dogs and that by being Firm but fair is crucial.

The reason that I want to learn the Art of dog-training from Larry is quite simple, he is the real deal. I have been through other so called dog training courses and I have listened to friends and family who have done the same. I have read countless articles and techniques but I haven’t seen or experienced anything that comes close to the results you get when you follow Larry’s training concepts. Larry has a true gift and I feel privileged to be able to watch and learn from an exceptional professional such as him. Larry has changed my life, I see things different and I feel different, he hasn’t changed who I am but how I do and see things. He has given me the opportunity to actually do something that fascinates me and challenges me and hopefully someday I will be able to help people in the same fashion as Larry helped me.

Alan Aitken
Nov 2012

Alan Aitken

It is with pleasure that I write a personal and professional recommendation for Larry Neilson of Konfident Kanines Inc. I've worked with Larry on numerous cases in the last 8 years, and in every single occasion, Larry has been able to not only affect positive change in the dog's we've asked him to help with, but has also given us real-life tools that we can use to continue what he started.
His ability to assess a dog's issues, temperament and what will work best for that specific animal is actually quite amazing. Between his many years of physical experience working with every possible kind of behavioral issue, Larry has simply developed an instinct of his own to help determine what a dog needs, and in turn, how to help the owner successfully work with their animal to give them both a more secure foundation for the future.
Whether it's a difficult problem that needs immediate solutions, or whether it's basic training to simply have a well behaved dog, there is no trainer I trust more to teach, to learn from, to see results from, and to recommend for people who are serious about giving their dog the direction and leadership that all dogs require to have a fulfilled life.
From someone who works with dogs every day, beleive me when I say I learn something from Larry every time we see each other. And, watching the dogs "follow" him is quite humbling. He simply has a gift.

Kim Hessel
Founder & President
Heaven Can Wait Animal Rescue Foundation

Heaven Can Wailt

I started working with Larry a couple of months after I got Bear, my border collie/husky cross. Bear was a rescue dog an had huge fear issues. He was afraid of the garbage can, petrified of motorcycles and baby strollers, completely frightened of people and had a huge prey drive. If he wasn’t cowering, or trying to run away, he was chasing rabbits, squirrels, or pigeons out into traffic or onto the railroad tracks with absolutely zero recall.
At the absolute end of my rope and completely frustrated, I called Larry for some help and we enrolled in lessons. At our first meeting Bear while initially fearful, seemed to understand that Larry was here to help our relationship and within minutes Larry had him focused, attentive and walking calmly on lead. Through the weeks, as we both learned how to communicate with each other through the help of Larry, I began to see this fearful unsure dog slowly gain confidence weekly. Larry totally won him over....he said he would!
Today Bear is a different dog, he still has unsure moments, but I have learned how to handle those moments. He now regularly greets people at the dog park and his prey drive is completely under control. I have learned through working with Larry how to be a better leader to him which in turn also benefits his confidence. His recall is now excellent and we walk past rabbits, cats, squirrels and pigeons as well as motorcycles and strollers without issue. I am no longer frustrated, upset when we go for walks and taking him out is now a complete exercise in enjoyment.
People who met him when I first got him are amazed by his progress and he has truly developed into an awesome family member. I don’t think we would have gotten there quite the same or nearly as quickly without the support of the K9 counselor.

Lisa C.
August 2012

Rescued & Rehabilitated

Last year my husband and I brought two West Highland terrier puppies into our lives thinking they would provide great companionship for each other and fun, energetic pet companions for us. It soon became evident these romantic thoughts were rather idealistic. Despite regular exercise with a dog walker and lots of time and attention from us, our dogs developed behavior problems by the time they were 9 months old. Saydie, our female became timid and anxious. She would hide when people came to visit, bolt in the park when she saw small groups of dogs, jump on furniture and make mistakes throughout our home. Rholie, our male became increasingly dominant. He started to guard objects, lunge at dogs on leash and growl at children. He was difficult to discipline and soon reverted to using his teeth as a way to show his displeasure. It was evident we were ill equipped to handle the tenacious personalities of our terriers!

Luckily, our dog walker met someone who had seen Larry at a training session and suggested we take a look at his website. We were very impressed with what we saw and immediately contacted Larry. As soon as we talked to Larry we knew we had found the perfect person to work with our family. Larry made an instant connection with our dogs and through careful observation he was able to identify and develop a training program tailored to their needs. The opportunity to work with such a highly skilled, knowledgeable and competent dog trainer was an invaluable and rewarding experience for us. Larry was always kind and patient with our dogs and he found creative ways to solve their issues. Through Larry’s guidance and expertise we developed a deeper understanding of dog psychology and ways to handle our canines in a safe, respectful and effective manner. Thanks to Larry’s “hands-on” training techniques we learned to approach the challenges our dogs presented in a calm, patient way and to look at these situations as opportunities to learn more about the “why” of canine behaviour.

The result of our work with Larry has been remarkable! Our “terrierists” have been transformed into happy, balanced and responsive terriers. Saydie no longer hides when we have visitors or makes mistakes in our home. She has become increasingly confident handling “new” situations and she is able to walk by large dog groups in off leash areas with increased confidence. Rholie’s aggressive, possessive tendencies have greatly dissipated. He shares space in our home without protest and the frequency and intensity of discipline sessions have significantly reduced. With guidance, he tolerates children and he is learning to trust our leadership to handle situations he is uncomfortable with. Both Saydie and Rholie have become more interactive with us and they are generally calm and well behaved around family and friends. They are very responsive to the commands they have learned through Larry’s program and they are a pleasure to walk in the neighborhood.

We feel very fortunate to have met such an amazing person to train our dogs. Thanks to Larry we have restored harmony in our home and we are now able to enjoy the positive characteristics of the terrier breed. Larry, you are an inspiration to us and we can’t thank you enough for all you have done for our family.

The Cutlers

The Cutler Family

I am honored to write this testimonial for Larry, the owner and Head Trainer of Konfident Kanines. We recently completed the foundation education component of his program and we are truly amazed with the partnership we now have with our rescue dog Snoop. Snoop came into our lives three years ago, and while being a wonderful pet he was experiencing lots of anxieties. We had been researching training for Snoop for some time when I came across Konfident Kanines. Reading the testimonials and Larry's approach, we became interested. Coincidently about the same time I received an e-mail from a dog store we shop at, inviting us to a three hour presentation from Larry of Konfident Kanines. It was a very cold and rainy morning but Snoop and I attended, three hours later, cold and wet, I remember not wanting to leave as I could not believe what I saw in Larry's communication with the dogs. I knew this was the trainer we needed for Snoop.
The change in our dog and myself is amazing. We now have a dog who looks to us for leadership, is confident and so happy and loyal. He is no longer anxious and once being so unsure, now knows what is expected of him as we journey out on our walks together. Before training Snoop would exhaust me, following me everywhere I went in the house having to have me in his sight. On our walks Snoop was in charge, pulling me to every tree, trying to chase joggers and pulling me towards other dogs on leashes. That is no longer happening, Snoop is now a relaxed, calm and a beautiful member of our family. You will love Larry's gentle approach, his patience explaining and correcting techniques and his amazing energy and understanding of what your dog will need. We are truly blessed to have had Larry as our trainer and we look forward to furthering our education with Larry of Konfident Kanines!

Ann Moore

Ann Moore

January 2012

Within minutes of Larry's arrival, our large, much loved yet "willful" 2 year old dog knew what was expected of her. Larry knows what he is doing....he amazed us with his ability to read a situation from the dog's perspective. This allows him to assess and address unwanted behaviors right away. One visit was enough to get us on track! Larry stresses the "team" approach with dogs, allowing our dog's individual personality to shine through, all the while teaching us how to communicate with our dog both verbally and sometimes more importantly, non-verbally. She is learning her rightful place in our household. What a gift to our family. Thank you Larry!

Cyndra & Family


May, 2011

We would like to thank Larry for helping our fearful aggressive rescue dog Maddie become a loving dog around other people. She even walks good on a leash now. Maddie would lunge, growl and bark at strangers and would try to nip people who came over to our house. We read many books on fearful rescue dogs, and brought in other trainers, but nothing that anyone suggested worked. A lot of trainers wouldn't even help us, even though she was only
12 lbs. Larry came over and within a short period of time, had her walking great on a leash while ignoring things that she used to get scared/angry at.

We are so relieved that we have a happy, loving dog who can now enjoy life!

We have restored faith in our dog. She's continuing to do amazing due to Larry's guidance, and we're looking forward to many new adventures. Thank you Larry!

Jen & Jesse

Larry has literally changed our lives. His training techniques for both pet owner and pet are worth their weight in gold and we are more than thankful for what he has taught us. We use his training techniques faithfully and it is rewarding every day to see how far our dogs have come and how well behaved they are. We recommend Larry to EVERY dog owner that we know! - Jason & Melanie H (proud owners of “The Golden Girls” Abbey(3) & Molly (2½))

Take care,

Melanie & Jason H

Capo was a very timid dog from the day we got him. He was only 8 weeks so he was still a puppy. He was afraid of EVERYTHING, hardwood flooring, new houses, other dogs, humans, cars and trucks driving by, sounds, just everything you could think of.

We tried to train him in basic obedience (sit, stay, come, etc.) and although he learnt the concept he was still afraid even in our own house. We took him to the vet to see if anything was wrong with this eyes or paws and maybe that was why he was afraid. They told us nothing was wrong and maybe we could try anti-anxiety medication. Being against that we wanted to try another approach.
We went to our local pet store, The Pet Stop, and met Larry. He immediately noticed Capo was timid and spent about a half hour with Capo. At the end of it Capo was walking along side with Larry which was very uncharacteristic for him and I knew I found hope for Capo. We signed up for training right away and seeing as I was pregnant with our first child, Larry got us scheduled in quickly.

We started the training and were very diligent with our homework. Larry and his assistant Tiffany came every week. Within about 2-3 weeks we started noticing amazing differences. He was no longer walking around with his tail in between his legs, he was no longer afraid to walk in our house, he would go to other peoples houses and enjoy himself, he was just turning into a confident dog. Our friends and family would notice how different he was becoming and how well he listened and obeyed us.

After the training was over he was amazing on walks, so good in the house, we could take him anywhere. Everyone would comment what an obedient and happy dog he was, if only they met us 2 months ago they would know the transformation he has made with Larry’s help! We now have our baby and Capo is amazing with him and he will walk confidently beside the stroller. He is a changed dog and we owe it all to Larry.

We are so thankful for Larry bringing Capo out of a fear filled state of mind into a confident one.

Thanks Larry!

Sheena and Tommy H

Hi Larry,

I am writing to thank you! I don’t know if you remember when I first called you, one of my concerns was when I was out walking my two dogs on leash that I was having trouble controlling them when other dogs came at us when they were off leash.

I just returned from a walk when the very situation that I was dreading happened. Two dogs that I did not know came at us on a very icy stretch of road. Thanks to your training, I was able to keep my dogs under control. We turned around and walked the other way and because my dogs were under control I did not slip and fall on the ice and we avoided a potentially dangerous situation!

So, not only are my dogs better behaved in every day situations, but I am now more confident that when I am out with my dogs we are in far less danger from other dogs. I just wish all my neighbours would go through your training and that they would be more responsible and not let their dogs run loose!

I will continue to recommend you to my friends and neighbours.

Colleen T

We came to Larry for help with training our over excited and very high energy Jack Russell Terrier puppy, Stewie. What we got, however, was a lesson not only in dog training, but also in living with and building a strong relationship with the new member of our family.

Unlike any other dog trainer, book or television program we have seen on the topic, Larry’s approach includes none of the shock or wow factor everyone seems to strive towards these days. We are very impressed with the very honest and gimmick free method. Larry has a very natural, almost higher power like connection with animals and it was obvious from the very moment he met our Stewie. Never, during the entire process, did we witness any power struggle between the dog and his trainer. Larry simply communicates with the animal in a calm and focused manner. Its incredible how our dog responds to Larry’s voice, body language, or even just his presence.

Words cannot describe how grateful we are to Larry for his involvement in developing what is now a very close relationship with our Stewie. He helped open our eyes to what is really important in raising this kind of a dog. What is so remarkable about Larry’s approach is that he did it, all the while still remembering us as individuals. He truly values our family and our choices for bringing up our dog without judgement or butting in. We were able to ask him truly any question and could always count on an honest and well thought out answer.

In all honesty we could go on for pages describing Larry’s talents. What matter’s most, however, and what really proves our point is how far we have come in training and learning about our own dog. Coming to Larry was the best decision we could have made. That is why we have already recommended him to anyone and everyone we know who could use a little divine intervention with their own dogs.

Karolina, Jason and Stewie G

Since my obedience lessons with Larry, I have never been so happy with Kami's (my dog) behaviour.

Previously, I had gone to other obedience schools with Kami, but their techniques were not effective with her. She was just as disobedient and stubborn as she was before, if not more. I felt frustrated. Larry taught me how to handle Kami's temperament and personality so that I understood what I needed to do to teach Kami how to behave.

I now know how to address her behavioural issues properly so that her positive obedient behaviour is maintained and constant. I now enjoy the time I spend with Kami. We can go for walks and go to the off leash park and it is a pleasure.

I recommend this training to anyone.

Carmen B

With Larry's skill and patience, he took our loud, hyper, and non-obedient Miniature Schnauzer, and changed her into a calm, loveable, perfect pet. It's not all about training the dog; it's about training the owner also. He also taught us that it's not about all the treats you can give your dog in completing a task; it's the praise they want the most. Dogs have unconditional love for their owners and never want to disappoint you.

Thank you Larry for everything you have done for us and for Maggie. We couldn't have done it without you.

Heather and Dan A (and Maggie too)

Heather and Dan A

We met Larry when he was working at The Pet Stop and used to talk to him every time we went in. We had just adopted an older anxious Border Collie who needed some confidence, and Larry told us he was a trainer. So he came over to our house to go over how his training worked...we were impressed, and decided to give it a go.
Larry was great! He was patient with our dog Murphy, and good at explaining how to do each step...and correct us if we were doing it wrong.

Murph responded to Larry and the training, and after his training is a different dog! He's confident, has nice manners, and has bonded to us even more than before. We get people complementing us all the time on how well he's trained and we owe it all to Larry.

We have used the same techniques on Daisy our newest adoptee, and she has responded as well.

We recommend him to people all the time - esp people in despair that their dog is "not trainable". Larry taught us that all dogs can learn - its often the owners who need to be trained 🙂

Cindy, Phil, Murphy & Daisy Faas

Hi Larry,

Just thought I would write a success story for you to share with your clients.

We rescued Charlie from the Heaven Can Wait Rescue foundation. Kim interviewed us to determine if we would be the appropriate home for Charlie. He had been with Kim's foundation for 3 weeks and had been fostered with a family friend who owned a farm. Charlie was a little too interested in the livestock so it was determined that he would need a home without large livestock. When we met Charlie he was a little nervous but within a couple minutes of walking him he was calm and easy to walk. He was also very affectionate. We decided to foster him for a week to see how he was at home. This way if there is a problem in our home environment Kim's foundation would take him back to find an alternative home.

When Charlie came home he was great. Full of energy, he was house trained, and he seemed content. After a week we decided to Adopt Charlie and welcome him to our family. Within a week of his adoption we went on a camping vacation and of course brought Charlie along. Well, this is when everything crumbled. When we went on a hike and we came across people Charlie would go nuts. He would pull, bark, snarl, lunge, just go crazy. We didn't know what to do. It was stressful, embarrassing, and disheartening. At the campsite if someone walked by on the road he would again just run to the end of his rope and go nuts. Other dogs, it was worse. Charlie was "the devil in disguise".

We came back from our vacation more stressed then relaxed. We did not know what to do. It was like he was two different dogs. The easy going, fun loving, affectionate dog at home and then the aggressive, mean, hard to handle dog outside of the house. I was at my wits end and even contemplated taking him back to the rescue foundation as I did not know what to do. I did not want to give up and then Kim from the foundation recommended that we call Larry and see if he could help.

I cannot say enough praise about Larry. Without Larry I do not know where we would be now. He taught us so much that today we are all a much happier family and Charlie is a different dog. Charlie is an intelligent dog that needed this. He needed someone to take the time with him and learn from someone like Larry. Larry told us it was okay to make mistakes. He told us not to be hard on ourselves when we got frustrated and felt like we took a step back. When we had days when I wasn't sure what I was doing was working Larry took the time to come and take Charlie for the day so that he could interact with other dogs and Larry could witness any behaviour problems. We have learned so much in our class and I am so glad that Larry came to help our family. I still have more to learn in order to ensure that Charlie stays on track and it takes practice. It does not happen over night but if you just make the commitment to put the time in it will all be worth it. From when we got Charlie in August 2007 to when our lessons started in October 2007, to now in early 2008 the time has been worth the reward.

Charlie is such a pleasure now. We enjoy taking him to the dog park to play. He loves catching his ball and jumping in the air to do it. He can jump so high!! My husband and I feel so relaxed now when we take him out. Instead of a stressful time, its a stress reliever. All I can say is I cannot wait to put him into an advanced lesson with Larry so we can see Charlie do even more great things. Thank you Larry you have really made a difference in our lives.

Steve and Darlynne McKenna

Steve and Darlynne McKenna

Being a first time dog owner I knew I wanted professional training not only because the dog I got (St. Bernard) could grow to be 200 lbs. or more but for my self. I called around and started asking friends about there experiences, a girl I worked with recommended that I call Larry at Konfident Kanines.

From the first time I met Larry I knew I had made the right decision, he was very easy to talk to. Larry never made me or my dog (Bowser) feel uncomfortable. He was very patient and never pushed anything. Larry relates well with the owner and understands the dog. I can’t say enough about Larry; this is what he was meant to do. In the end my dog and I have a great respect for one another and my dog understands the rules and consequences. Bowser continues to learn and so do I.

S. Spielman

I was fortunate to met Larry through a co-worker. I adopted a 10 month old Basset Lab cross, who was gorgeous, but clearly was abused by his previous owners. I wasn't sure of how to handle Hank as he was very timid. Hank's centre of gravity was low and boy did he pull when walking on a leash and he loved to jump up at me. My first appointment with Larry was incredible, within 5 minutes Hank was all business. He paid attention to Larry's every move. Larry's vibe with my dog was almost envious, however Larry teaching/training me is something I will always carry with me and value forever. Hank was a diamond in the rough and now is a treasure and the greatest dog. Thank you Larry, I admire you and the gift you have with dogs. I know Hank thanks you, I see it when he looked at you. I will continue to use his technics on my new dog Ruby.

Karen Burke

When I first met Larry, my boxer named Georgia was hours away from being dropped off at the humane society. Larry quite literally saved Georgia’s life.

I already owned a male boxer when I adopted Georgia from another family. I wanted a friend for my boy and felt that this bouncy, very smart, almost clown like little girl would be perfect for him. A few months after Georgia settled into our family everything changed. Georgia became uncontrollable on leash, lashing out at other dogs. Off leash wasn’t even an option as she was so aggressive that I was sure that she would injure another dog. She was destructive in the house, would urinate on our floors, bark hysterically at dogs as they walked past our house, dug holes in our back yard and the list goes on and on.

I was at my wits end. Every time I was going out for a walk my heart was pounding. I was so embarrassed of Georgia’s behavior that I didn’t even want to go for walks anymore. My boxer boy was so well behaved and I couldn’t believe what a nightmare Georgia was! I decided that I was going to take control of the situation and set out to find a trainer to help us.

I tried four different trainers, training books, videos, extensive research and nothing was working. No one was able to help at all. We were told many different things. Put a coat on her so she is more aware of her body and feels more secure, muzzle her and “good luck”, medicate her, and even maybe you should get rid of her.

I was heart broken. I was so worried that Georgia was going to get worse (if that was even possible) and I couldn’t have an out of control dog around my new born son. I was sitting at my computer crying, looking up the number for the humane society when an email popped up onto my screen. It was from Larry. He had heard of our troubles with Georgia and wanted to help us and said that there was no reason to put our dog to sleep. I was very skeptical. What could this guy do that four others couldn’t?! “This is your last chance.” I said to Georgia.

So, off we went to meet Larry. Larry had Georgia meet another dog and he got to see how she really acted. Larry was able to gain control of Georgia by the end of the first visit. He even had her sit right next to another dog. I couldn’t believe it! I couldn’t even Georgia walk past another dog on the other side of the street! I was truly in awe.

It was from that day forward that I finally got the help that I so desperately needed. What sets Larry apart from other trainers is his compassion and knowledge. He is truly passionate about dogs and their relationship with their owners. With a situation like mine, Georgia had broken me and Larry knew that. He was able to restore my confidence not only through training but by just talking about my fears over a cup of coffee.

I am now very proud to say that after a lot of hard work and utilizing the tools that Larry taught me, I now have a fantastic dog! The destructive behavior is GONE!!! My house is now calm. Our walks are fun and relaxed. Georgia can walk right by another dog – on the same side of the side walk even- with out any signs of aggression. It is more than I could have ever hoped for. Thank you Larry. Words can not express how grateful I am to you for everything that you have done for us.

Lisa M.