Pre-Training Consultation/Evaluation


Konfident Kanines is a proven and trusted dog training business. In our ongoing efforts to ensure we provide the best possible service at a competitive price we recommend that all those interested in the services of KKI take advantage of our onsite evaluation and consultation. We believe that our customers deserve the right to not only meet their dog trainer in advance but that they have the opportunity to actually see the trainer work with their dog and observe how their dog responds to the techniques but to the trainer as well. Our behavior modification and/or pre-training evaluations are packed with valuable and demonstrable information and techniques. Typically, these consultations will require a minimum of one to one and one half hours of your time. We do not set a time limit. The consultation is not over until all of your questions have been answered to your satisfaction and all of your concerns have been addressed in a transparent and respectful fashion. Depending on the behavior(s) your dog is exhibiting, often KKI can modify the behavior in just one visit. If this is not possible then we will make recommendations and explain why certain behaviors are not likely to be corrected over the long term in just one visit. Konfident Kanines will always explain your options and let you decide which is the most cost effective for your particular dog.

We believe we all owe it to our do to provide them with an education. We also believe that we owe you the opportunity to choose your trainer based on you personally observing and evaluating the trainer’s skills while handling your dog during this consultation.


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