The Correct Leash

The vast majority of pet owners give little thought to the correct type of leash they should purchase for their dog.

When purchasing a leash there are several factors that should be considered in order to ensure you end up with the proper lead for the your dogs’ size and your intended end purpose for getting the leash in the first place.

For a very small dog a simple nylon or leather lead will do just fine. For the larger, more robust dogs, a nylon lead may not be suitable. If you have ever experienced the burn of a nylon leash, caused when your dog suddenly caught you off guard, you might want to consider a leather lead.

Both the leather and nylon leads are strong, however the difference is that nylon will burn or cut into your hand and leather will not. Regardless of the type you choose, always purchase a lead that fits your hand size.

Stay clear of chain leashes unless you have a dog that would tend to chew his lead should you tie him when you go to the convenience store. Oh, and the length of lead, I always recommend a 72” training lead.