Konfident Kanines Pet Match Service

We at KKI committed to Assist you in Making The Right “Pet-Match” for You Based On Your Family and Your Lifestyle. KonfidentKanines supports Heaven Can Wait Animal Rescue of High River Alberta and Little Mutts Rescue of Calgary Alberta. We will also assist you in selecting a new puppy or adopting the “Right Match” for you, your family and your lifestyle regardless of where you may choose to select your new pet.

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Names Of Contact People In Your Home:
Home Phone:
Cell Phone:
Work Phone:
Have You Discussed the Subject of Pet Adoption with Everyone in Your Home? YesNo
Have You Had A Dog Before? YesNo
Where Will Your Pet Sleep?
Who Would Be The Primary Caregiver?
What Other Pets Live In the Home? (List the types of pets and include their ages)


Permission To Have a Pet?YesNo
Housing: ApartmentCondo / TownhomeHouse
Outdoor Area: YardPatioDeck
Do You Have a Doggie Door? YesNo
Is the Yard fenced?YesNo
Who Shares the Residence?

live alonespousesignificant otherparentshousematechildren
Ages of the Adults Living in the Home?

Ages of the Children Living in the Home?

If, you don’t have children do grandchildren or neighbors children visit? YesNo
Because some animals are afraid of children, how often do children visit?
Would you classify yourself as:
Passive? Very Passive? Assertive? Very Assertive? Calm Hyper active? Boisterous Quiet?


Are you looking for? large breed dogmedium breed dogsmall breed dog
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Are you looking for an: Indoor petIndoor & Outdoor petOutdoor pet
What gender do you prefer? malefemaleno preference
What Age Range Are You Seeking?
How much time will your pet spend outdoors?
Do you like any special colors or breed mixes?
Does anyone in the household suffer from allergies? YesNo


What hour in the morning do the working people leave in the morning?
what time do they arrive Home?
or other:
How often do you travel?
Do you enjoy outdoor activities (hiking, camping, boating, cycling, jogging etc.) YesNo