Little People

To Bring a Smile to a Child

Lights a candle in my heart

  My chosen vocation is one that brings with it so many rewards, the least of which is monetary. No decision has reaped more rewards than when I decided to volunteer my time and experience to teach young school-age children how to meet and “play safe with dogs”.

Recently I was invited to pay a visit to “One World” school near downtown Calgary and present the students there with a fun filled presentation about how to approach and act around dogs. The presentation, called “Playing It Safe With Dogs” is designed to teach young children to always ask the dogs’ guardian permission before they approach any dog they may encounter when outside of their home. This short program is also intended to teach children they must never go with a stranger who has a dog. A short video narrated by three dogs explains several ways for children to avoid being bitten by a dog. Included in the presentation are instructions on what a child should do if approached by an aggressive dog and/or what to do if they are knocked down by a strange dog.

Although I have been fortunate enough to have been invited to conduct several of these presentations in and around the Calgary area, often accompanied a Senior Bylaw Officer, I must say my invite to meet the little ones at “One World” school really touched my heart. These children aged 3 – 6 years were among the youngest group of children I have worked with but were so enjoyable. Their smiling faces and innocent questions brought so much joy to my day. I can only hope they enjoyed my presentation as much as I enjoyed being invited to their school.

A special thank you goes out to Shaw Cable and Frames of Life photography for their unselfish contribution to these beautiful children.

To the teachers and staff of “One World School”, I applaud all you unsung heroes for the work you do with these beautiful little people. To you Erin, a special “Thank You” for making all this possible.


The K9 Kounselor

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