Training School Starts

Title: Training School Starts
Description: I am pleased to inform all of you who have expressed an interest in enrolling in my upcoming School for Trainers that I expect to begin the first classes early in the month of June. The anticipated start date is Saturday June 7th. Please visit my website for additional information or contact me by e-mail or telephone at any time.

I will accept a maximum of six students per course and am online casino prepared to begin classes with as few as three students. as of today”s date there are 5 openings remaining.

I am giving those of you who receive this e-mail first rights at enrolling in my school. To do so simply notify me within 10 days or by May 5th, 2011 complete with a 50% deposit to reserve your position in this class.

I will positions in class for each of you until such time I am notified that you are no longer interested or until May 5th, whichever comes first. I will then open enrolment up to the general public until the class is full or the minimum enrolment requirement is met.

I thank each and every one of you for your interest and look forward to this exciting new venture.

Date: 2011-06-07

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