To Do or Not to Do

What we “do” or equally important what we “don’t do” plays a pivotal role when working with dogs.

So often when working with a clients’ dog I am asked what I “did” when the question should have been what “didn’t you do”.

It is usually more important to understand “what not to do” when working with or around a dog than it is to focus on “what to do”. This truth is never more evident than when working with people who are constantly and repeatedly talking negatively to the dog. That little word “no” does more harm than good for sure. I will go so far as to say that it really has little or no place in the education of a dog. It doesn’t work anyway so why use it?

The next time your dog is not responding positively to you, stop for just a moment and ask yourself what is it you are doing that simply isn’t giving you the results you are looking for. If it isn’t working stop doing it. It just might be more important to focus on what “not to do”.

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