Foundation Dog Training

At KKI we believe that the strength and reliability of any constitution or education must start with a solid foundation. At Konfident Kanines Inc we pride ourselves in using a “balanced approach” toward our training philosophy. We employ the four fundaments of canine education as well as applying all three phases of training.

This is not a treat based program but rather a respect and trust based canine education partnership program customized to address your pet’s specific needs.

Our training programs include but are not limited to:

1) Long Line – Introduction to the leash. Attention Training, this exercise is all about getting to know your dog. This is where you will begin to instill in the dog the consequences of running away, to resist temptations (distractions such as cars, rabbits, squirrels, balls etc) unless authorized to do so. This exercise provides the handler and dog with more time to react to distractions and lessens the affect of the distraction.  Most importantly, it will teach him that you are always a reliable, confident and trustworthy leader. This is a very important step towards strengthening the bond between handler and dog.

2) Heeling – This exercise will teach you the philosophy of how to teach your dog to walk comfortably on a “loose leash” under any condition and supply you with the tools to do so.

3) Sit and Automatic Sit – In this exercise we will coach you in teaching your dog when and where to sit when you stop. That is beside you, parallel to you and in proper alignment with your legs.

4) Stay –The stay is one of the most beneficial and will be used to further instill confidence, patience,trust, and confidence  in your dog.

5) Down and Down From a Distance – This exercise is often the most difficult of all to master however it is my opinion it is also one of the most important and useful exercises you will ever teach your dog. The “down” from a distance is not required at this level and is a more advanced exercise, however due to its usefulness we teach it as part of building a reliable foundation.

6) Figure Eight – heeling exercises with the introduction of visual, audible and scent distractions. We will combine this with the recall exercise.

7) Recall – to come back to you reliably when called. Note that this is not the final step in the recall however it is a very good start towards a reliable recall when your dog is out doors and off leash.

8) Stand For Examination – your vet/groomer will love you for this one. Designed to test a dogs tendencies to be timid or aggressive, this exercise will assist your dog in becoming more and more confident, and once again we will continue to develop his willingness to trust you and respect your judgement.

9) Finish – to go to the heel position from a recall position and/or from any location.

10) Course Examination – a review and grading of the exercises taught in the previous 8 weeks.

Contact us for personalized one on one training or participate in our group training sessions for more general behavioural issues.