Tips & FAQ

Puppy Tips

  • Get your puppy used to you being around them while they are eating. Take their food away and immediately give it back to them. DO NOT tease them but teach them that it is alright for them to give up their food as they will get it back. Praise them for co-operating and scold if they resist.
  • DO NOT play tug of war with your puppy. If for some reason you do play this game make sure you win. I recommend though that unless you are an expert in canine behavior you avoid this game.
  • At the first sign of aggression, regardless of how minor it may seem, discipline your puppy in a firm but fair manner. For more information on this subject contact us.
  • Handle your puppy. Touch his feet and get him used to having his nails cut. If he resists, follow through in a gentle and firm manner. Do not let him get his own way if he throws a tantrum.
  • Do not allow your puppy to bite your hands. Teach him that this is not acceptable. For additional information on this subject contact us.
  • House training methods. There are many. I prefer the crate training method as it gentle and fair and is in harmony with the puppy’s natural instincts as den animals. For specific instructions contact us.
  • Socialize your puppy. Make sure he has all his shots but introduce him to as many people and other dogs as possible. DO NOT subject him to aggressive behavior from other dogs or people. DO NOT allow people under the influence of mind altering substances to handle your puppy.
  • If your puppy is of a type that will require professional grooming, introduce your puppy to his groomer after he has had all his shots.
  • Consult a veterinarian of your choice for all medical advice.
  • Spend quality time with your puppy. The amount of time spent with your puppy is of far less importance than the quality of the time you spend with him. Just being in the same room as him is not quality time.